A Researcher's Guide to Some Legal Risks of Security Research

2 Fellows at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard in collaboration with the EFF have written a guide intended for non-lawyers on the potential risks of security research. From the introduction:

This guide overviews broad areas of potential legal riskrelated to security research, and the types of security research likely implicated.We hope it will serve as a useful starting point for concerned researchers andothers. While the guide covers what we see as the main areas of legal risk forsecurity researchers, it is not exhaustive. It also doesn’t create a lawyer-clientrelationship between you and the authors.

I figured it is a good resource to share with everyone here. One of the fellows, Kendra Albert, was the main speaker for the LITA President’s Program at the 2018 ALA Annual and they spoke on The Silences of (Big) Data. It was an excellent talk.

[Edit] And I forgot the actual link: https://clinic.cyber.harvard.edu/files/2020/10/Security_Researchers_Guide-2.pdf

thanks so much for sharing this Frank! Kendra Albert is a longtime friend of LFP and I’m glad to see this report. Will dig into this soon.