ACLU-MA Press Pause on Face Surveillance Lunch Notes

Hi y’all. On Monday I attended a lunch meeting at the ACLU-MA offices here in Boston to learn more about local and statewide efforts to craft legislation/moratoria to ban/regulate face surveillance technology. The campaign is called “Press Pause on Face Surveillance” The biggest takeaways for me were 1. hearing about some of the rationale for confronting this via legislation and not through the courts, as well as 2. some of the strategic thinking involved in writing something that has a chance of making it to the governor’s desk and 3. Poet of Code Joy talking about how face surveillance relies on ‘permanence’.
ACLU-MA staff are working hard on this with a multi-pronged effort including legislation, media work, organizing and mobilizing with other stakeholders.
You can read my notes about it at:
You can see ACLU-MA Press Pause materials at:
ACLU-MA Webinar tonight August 5th!


Maty, thank you so much for representing LFP at this important meeting! Really excited to see how this develops and I’m glad we have you at the table.


I wasn’t able to make it due to technical difficulties, but if the webinar gets hosted can you please share the link, I’d love to watch it.

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