ALA annual session?

I’m thinking about submitting a session for next year’s ALA Annual in DC about LFI. I think it would be great if a few of us did this together as a panel. We could talk about what LFI is, some of what we’ve learned, what we created together, and what the future looks like both for LFI itself and for you all as graduates. Who is interested in working on this with me?

I will be at Annual this year, so I’d be happy to work on this.

I’m definitely interested in helping out with this. Not sure my agency will be sending anyone to annual this year, but I’m happy to help collaborate on ideas and content!

I’ll be there this year. I’d love to participate on this!

I’d be interested in participating if there’s still room! I’d also be happy to help in the ways Ally mentioned.

okay folks I made a shared pad for drafting the session description(s):

I’ll get in there later today but if anyone wants to get the short and long program descriptions started that would be helpful! And also be sure to read through the whole pad because there are some other places that need attention too.

by the way, if you want to participate in this but are not responding because you don’t know if your organization will be sending you to ALA – let me know! we may be able to coordinate some travel funding for you.

this is me, but i’m also not sure how i will work LFI stuff into my new org quite yet. interested! but still finding my way.

but you could join the panel to talk about your experience with LFI nonetheless!

i wanna! i really do :slight_smile:

I just did some late-afternoon-spitballin’ in there, hack it up and erase as you see fit. I feel excited already thinking about hanging out IRL with y’all again!

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thank you so much @kellymce! I added a bunch more to it. folks should feel free to take a look and add or subtract as you see fit. I just pinged Erin Berman to ask what else we need to do before submitting (the privacy subcommittee of IFC would be sponsoring us).

I made a few minor changes/comments. Also - yesterday I was on a call where Mack Freeman from the Intellectual Freedom Round Table spoke briefly about IF-related ALA conference proposals. He said that anyone on the call who was planning to submit one was welcome to send it to him to get some extra IFRT backing. If this is something the group would find useful, I’d be happy to do that. (It may be irrelevant since it sounds like there may already be a contact within the Privacy subcommittee, but throwing it out there in case!)

@sjbrown, maybe we want to submit more than one session and get IFRT support for those?

Okay everyone, I submitted our ALA session!


Hi Alison, I’m in the group that doesn’t think my library will be sending me to annual this year. But I’d be happy to collaborate in any way!
(…And we finally filled our last vacancy in my department today. Within the past year in my department alone 3 librarians left for new jobs and 2 librarians retired. So moving forward I should be more on top of my game.)