ALA social thread

Hi everyone!

I know that some of you are going to ALA.

Let’s definitely meet up! I will be staying at the EveryLibrary house and I know they’re having some parties, though I don’t have those details yet. I’ll share them when I do.

Please feel free to post any sessions you’re giving or events you’ll be attending that you think might be of interest to the rest of us!

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following up on this…

my schedule:

I’m going to the Movers and Shakers lunch, and will otherwise just be wandering around handing people LFI flyers and stickers and shaming various vendors on their pitiful privacy practices. that night there might be something at the EL house, but I’m not sure yet. there is also a memorial for Herb Biblio from 7-9 pm

Probably going to Intellectual Freedom 101, Big Data in Libraries, Libraries and Learning Analytics, and possibly Fake News or Free Speech. Same deal with the evening – there might be some social event at EL and I’ll let yall know as soon as I know!

IFC privacy meeting, LITA tech trends, LITA presidential program, privacy happy hour at 4 pm.

What about everyone else? Can we get a roll call for who will be there? I remember know that @kellymce and @josh said they would be! Who am I missing?

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I like the idea of shaming vendors. Privacy policies are always one of the first things I talk about with our vendors and partners.

I’m attending a few sessions that might be of interest to this group. Saturday: Future of the Library Technology Industry, License Review and Negotiation 101 (speaking of vendors). Sunday: Ethics of Librarianship in a Partisan World.

I think I’ll be doing most of my exhibit wandering Sunday morning. I look forward to potentially meeting some of you in person.

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well that definitely looks like one I wanna get in an argument at :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there Sunday and Monday and don’t have my schedule nailed down at all yet. Looking up the sessions y’all have mentioned now!

I’m here, too! I’m an Emerging Leader this year, so my Friday is taken up by that work. But I’d love to catch some of those sessions on Saturday!

Could we all perhaps find a time to meet up and grab a beverage/snack at some point?

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@tesskwilson @AllyM @josh there’s a privacy social hour on Sunday at 4 pm, maybe a good place to meet up? details:

Rebellion Bar & Urban Kitchen from 4-5pm on Sunday, June 24 (just a few blocks from the convention center).

RSVP link:

More info:

RSVP’ed! This looks fun.

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I’ll try to be at the privacy social hour, that sounds great! I mostly am in meetings this weekend, but will be at the Zine Pavilion on the exhibit floor for big chunks of time. Not directly related to LFI, but I do usually talk to folks about the kind of anonymity you can achieve with a zine, compared to forms of digital publishing. :sunglasses:

@AllyM and @alison. I RSVP’d this morning. Should I have gotten an email or anything? Looks fun!

I didn’t get a confirmation email!

also, doubtful that anyone is looking at this thread right now BUT in case anyone is, here’s the deets on the EveryLibrary party tonight: starts at 7 pm.

@alison @josh I got a confirmation email this morning. Excited!