Allied Media Conference (AMC July 23-26, 2020)

Hiiiii! I didn’t get a chance to ask and invite y’all to AMC virtual conference during this week’s class. It is happening now. It is all virtual, with free registration options and it is very radical and BIPOC and LGBTQ led and centered. I am waitlisted to get into a radical library/archive session right now and hoping i can get in. but tons of other offerings. check it out and plan ahead if you can (untike me) so you can get into the session (s) you want. i attended two years ago in Detroit and presented and it was an amazing experience. AMC is founded in part by adrienne maree brown author of emergent strategy and pleasure activism and octavia’s brood (speculative sci fi largely by BIPOC ) and she has a podcast with her sister: How To Survive the End of the World. anyhoooo, I’m sure tons of you already know about this and her work but for those who don’t, you want to plug in!


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