Amazon Drivers are Hanging Phones in Trees to get More Work

This article has a lot to say on the cutthroat nature of the gig economy, but I couldn’t help but admire the cleverness of the drivers who do this.

Drivers are setting up phones near Whole Foods and Amazon delivery centers so that they appear very close in the dispatch system. The drivers then clone or link another phone to the hanging ones which they carry on themselves. This way they virtually appear closer to the delivery center and get priority on accepting jobs.


I just saw that article in my feed. That is ingenuity!
It makes me think of a TV show, cops and robbers type, where a techie type guy painted his face with face paint in random boxes and colors to defeat facial recognition.
What will people do in the future to be able to function, to travel, to earn a living?

An update to this story. Amazon has adjusted its dispatching system for the hubs where this was happening and now drivers are finding more jobs than they did before, even when further away from the centers.