Amazon Is Using Prime Day to Lock People into a Giant Surveillance Network


I read an article a few months ago (which I cannot located right now) about the way people install Ring and other outdoor cameras. As I recall, depending on the state, it is illegal to have the camera positioned so that it is recording more than one’s property or residence, specifically, the public sidewalk or street. Unsurprisingly, most users of Ring were positioning the camera so that it included these public spaces.

My memory is bad. Does anyone know more about this?

Looking for it, can’t find it, though I did find this piece which mentions one of our upcoming speakers, Chris Gilliard:

It’s a ‘disruptive’ product in that it exacerbates fear and mistrust to sell the platform and its hardware. Civic engagement redefined in a corporate context. What else does it do? The ’news feed’ aka ’police beat reporting’ aka ’who the police beat’ is a super heinous manipulation. We see how they go local.
“It is my duty, nay responsibility to buy this product and remain vigilant (and stay in touch with the cops) in the face of… people who knock on my door and deliver pizza or mail. My pals may not be the most photogenic bunch but I do tire of their texting in lieu of ringing my bell. Friends, please remove all hats and sunglasses before approaching my humble abode.”
Apparently, there really is a product designer’s solution for every ‘problem’; discourse and politics be damned.

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