Analytics on Demand & Santa Cruz Public Library

My Assistant City Librarian sent this recent ruling to me yesterday about Santa Cruz Public Library’s use of Analytics on Demand:

This Twitter account has a decent TL;DR of the situation:

Yeah, this story is amazing! (TJ actually already posted about it here: Patron Privacy at Santa Cruz Public Libraries)

The account you shared with the TL;DR version of it is Becky Yoose, who will be one of our speakers later in the course. Let’s be sure to ask her about this!

Ha! I missed TJ’s post! You can delete if you want, Alison. :slight_smile:

no i think two posts conveys the importance of the message! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is very important! I’m honestly a bit shocked, but in the best way possible. I’m already working with our emerging technologies department head re: updating our privacy policy since we do indeed use AoD. This (+ Kanopy + is making our administration want to revisit our vendor agreements, which is a huge step forward for my system since I think a lot of things like this slipped through under previous leadership.


Hoopla too if you use that. They have a pay-per-view model as well, the same unsustainable model as Kanopy. I’m so stoked admins are starting to actually pay attention to vendor agreements! Imagine how much better our services can be if we did that with everything!