Another Network is Possible -- on the anti-capitalist internet envisioned by Indymedia

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this new piece from our pal April Glaser!!!

April really can write. I’m always impressed. But that shouldn’t be surprising if you read her regularly (and ya should).

I love the idea of the ‘tactical’ and she used my favorite phrase anti-hierarchical. I feel like this could have a resurgence, but one main barrier is paywalls. I’m talking about journals and such not newspapers. But I think of ALA’s IFC Journal which is only open access after the new edition comes out, so you have to wait months! (Even if you wrote and article, if you don’t have an account you’re SOL). The Political Librarian is another good option but only comes out periodically.

RSS feeds are okay, but I’ve never really gotten into them. My favorite part about the particle was the communal part. How they all branched off a top-level domain to work on what they need to work on, but had a common thread running through everything.

[edit: originally thought this would be about mesh networks, but this was way more interesting]

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