archives, archivists and privacy

Not to be too niche up in here, but when I mentioned working in an #archive within an academic library, a few folx lit up, so I thought I’d start of thread of issues we might discuss.

Any other archivists in different LFP/LFI cohorts? Woot! Woot?

Perhaps there’s the basis for some sort of learning module for archivists because we talk about it, but mostly nah. :confused:

A few topics/ideas related to archives I’d love to explore with y’all:

  • the presence of PPI (“Personally Identifying Information”) in archival records and boxes
  • the power/abuse/misuse of digitization (“free all the documents from their analog bodies!”) when putting materials on line that may have PPI
  • PPI and oral history and the potential for violating privacy of narrators
  • ID requirements and access to archives (e.g. investigate what it means for trans patrons to meet ID requirements)
  • surveillance in reading rooms, uses of policing
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And here are some “archives be problematic af” readings we might start with:

  • Howard Zinn on Secrecy, Archives, and the Public Interest [pdf]

And someone in the chat mentioned Documenting the Now, which has excellent resources. I’d especially recommend exploring the News section (scroll down) for seeing DN praxis in action.