beautiful graphic design drafts so far

I just had a checkin with @SymphonyBruce and she mentioned that it would be helpful to know what everyone else’s final projects are looking like. I’m still waiting on drafts from a small handful of people, so I’ll wait to do a project update megathread, but in the meantime here’s some images of what Mike Finch has come up with for folks so far:

First, @Maty_C and Mike created two versions of a facial recognition flyer. The front is the same on both, but the back is different based on whether you want the generic version or the Massachusetts-specific one.


next, @CarolynGlauda is working on an LFP/LFI explainer handout that we can take with us to trainings and conferences. The text is going to completely change, but here’s some images from the design that Mike worked up.


@jtidal and Mike made a half-sheet flyer with general privacy advice, and a sign for a book display.


@wmarvell and Mike made two versions of a stalkerware handout – one in English and one in Spanish. sorry these are sideways I dunno how to flip them in Discourse.


@Haley is still working on the text for these bookmarks but the design looks amazing!


more to come! other people have sent their design ideas to Mike and are waiting on drafts! I’ll create a new mega thread for final project updates once I get all the drafts!

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these are AWESOME!

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WOWOWOW! these are all so awesome!