CA Prop 25?

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Apologies if this was discussed in some other thread. I was researching CAL props and came across Prop 25, which purports to “replace money bail with a system based on public safety and flight risk.” In reality, it’s an AI “risk assessment tool” that uses a defendant’s history to predict whether or not they’re a flight risk. Does anybody know who created this tool? Obviously I’m a hard No on Prop 25, but geez, this is some Minority Report nonsense. Hopefully it fails. I was hoping to discuss this with you all.

thanks for bringing this up Megan! It looks pretty bad. it isn’t clear who exactly is behind this bill, but from doing a little research it looks to me like some misguided mainstream democrat nonsense: (I’m basing that assessment on who is supporting it, vs who is opposing it, which includes civil rights orgs)

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This is something that has been creeping into the justice system since about 2014 according to this article from Wired:
The nonprofit that originally pushed for it reversed course on it this past summer.

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@FSkornia thx for the link! it’s bananas that CA would even consider. i reached out to a friend who’s a public defender and they said that this would undue years of work on criminal justice reform. there’s a reason why it’s backed by cops