Campaign Information Security

An interesting guide from international security expert The Grugq:

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This is 100% a tangent, but I clicked through to one of the tools recommended, Their advertising rhetoric puts Edward Snowden on the same level as a corporate hacker, which is fascinating. If only the NSA had this tool, they would have been able to catch him…uh, great? Anyway, a reminder that security can totally be used not for the public good (duh, but still).

LOL, wow. Nice catch Kelly, There are definitely some weird positions on Snowden in the infosec scene (I don’t think thegruqg is anti-Snowden but he probably didn’t see that the canary tool mentioned him in that way).

Your point about these tools being used against the greater good is actually something that came up at the HOPE conference (which I just returned from today). Freddy Martinez, our speaker from last week, and Caroline Sinders, who will be our speaker in a few weeks, gave a talk about using data to monitor the organizing activities of the alt-right. In the q&a I asked them about how these techniques could also be used against social justice activists, and there’s really nothing to prevent that from happening. Well, not NOTHING, but it means that it’s extra important to train our communities on anti-doxing and hiding their organizing activities. Caroline was going to come and talk to us about AI stuff, but after seeing her talk yesterday I asked if she would talk to us some more about her research and also about doxing and harassment as well.

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