CC.1 Week 7: privacy audits and sustaining our work in the privacy community

  • What are your thoughts on the readings this week? Do the privacy audit assessment tools feel helpful and doable? What would you need to make a privacy audit happen?

  • What privacy community resources stood out to you as relevant or interesting (conferences, organizations, people, projects)? Which people or groups have you started following? Who do you want to be involved with?

I think so much of this work is great and interesting and important, I’ve been following lots of these people and orgs for a long time and am excited to add more to the list! so thank you for assembling these orgs and individuals to follow!

I also wanted to add a note that for me while part of the point of following these orgs is to learn more, it’s also to feel less desperately alone :sweat_smile: we’ve established that you don’t need to be on the bleeding edge of privacy stuff to identify shortcomings in your library/workplace but following these people does help a bit with the feeling that NO ONE CARES and I shouldn’t bother etc.


Yes, definitely true that part of knowing about all these orgs and people is to feel less alone!! My experience is that the privacy community is mostly made up of super friendly and welcoming people who want to talk and collaborate and stay in touch. They are also all always pretty excited to engage library workers in these fights. So it’s not just about knowing who these people/orgs are, but actually getting to know them, being in community together, reaching out to make stuff happen.