CC.2 Week 7: student surveillance (and overall reflections)

  • What are you seeing in your own library environment or your child’s school?

  • What is awareness of these issues like at your library? In your community?

  • What mitigation/resistance steps could you take? What are already happening in your community?

  • How do these surveillance issues reflect other trends that we’ve discussed or that you’ve seen?

  • What are the overall surveillance trends that you’re paying attention to in this course?

  • What are you thinking about doing in your library/ community in terms of advocacy, mitigation, or resistance?

This week was really eye-opening for me. I’m not a parent, nor do I work with kids much in my current position. So I had no idea how many privacy threats students face because of the technology and software used in schools. It’s made me realize I need to start paying attention to what teens and tweens are talking about at the library and ways we can help them understand what’s going on. And it shows me that I myself need to understand what’s going on too! It’s like Marisol said, we’re all learning all the time.

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