CC.2 Week six, anti-doxxing and intimate partner privacy

  • Have you encountered these threat models before? (only share what you’re comfortable with)
  • Have you tried removing your own information from data brokers?
  • What comes up when you search for yourself?
  • How could you offer programming or resources for these threat models?
  • What challenges do you see in meeting the needs of these threat models?

I wanted to add some comments about the institutional side of things since that’s been a big part of my focus working on the anti-doxxing toolkit. I’m new to this work but I have worked at a university for several years, so I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the sort of language/strategy that might be important in the context of developing policy, grants, etc, framing it in terms of public scholarship and equity and so on.

I also wanted to highlight Reanna’s article again:

In particular I think the point where she references Toni Morrison identifying racism as a distraction is a super useful way of looking at this issue, and I keep wondering about ways of re-centering the important work of people who are targeted (instead of giving harassers any airtime, or forcing people to waste time rebuilding their reputations).

A couple other links:
Dr. Alex Ketchum wrote a report on the state of things at Canadian universities re: support for public scholarshop, doxxing:

And Elvia Arroyo-Ramirez has also written about her experience:

Generally institutions are poorly prepared for handling the implications of “public scholarship” or Knowledge Mobilization and while some of their desire to do DEI stuff, engage the public, etc, is ethics-washing that will not ever turn into material support, I think we can still gain some ground…

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Have you encountered these threat models before?

I’ve encountered a “stalking, camera hacking, phone hacking” harassment incident. Maintenance workers at my complex kept coming into the apartment destroying belongings and too many other things to be included in a discussion post. Context: I’m an Afr-Am, female. The workers were a group of 5-6 White males. The area was extreme N. Georgia (Gainesville, Dahlonega, Cumming). Remember when Oprah went to Forsyth County GA in the 80’s for a two-part series on a county that ran all POC out? The same series where she cancelled the day 2 of show? That’s the area I lived and worked in at the time.

Those guys hacked my network and used Linux sudo commands to gain super-user control over my camera functions. Yeap, the camera I purchased to discourage them from constantly going into my apartment and belongings. Long story short… they terrorized me day in and day out and no one would believe me. (They were friends with local police, so, that was a fail too)

I paid a “professional” company $1k to recover proof from an image I made from the hacked camera SD card. The company only recovered 100s of videos of my apt from a camera that I turned off. Or so I thought. (Did I mention that the workers inserted Linux code that changed the on/off command to misled the target into thinking camera was off? Sigh)

I ended up teaching myself a tiny bit about file recovery. I was able to recover all the files below that hackers thought they deleted. I haven’t been able to do much else with it yet. I’ve been trying to get back on my feet since 2017. I’m now in the Promotion/Tenure documentation phase of this job so I don’t have time for extra projects right now. I’ll eventually have to teach myself Linux to understand all the lines of code. Then I’ll finally have proof to show “everyone” that I wasn’t bat*** cray.

Okay…I apologize for the length of this post. This section on doxxing kind of makes it all resurface. Enough of that! Thanks for listening!


Wow, what the hell! I am so sorry that happened.
(And also all the best with the Promotion/Tenure documentation!!!)

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Great villain origin story, right. :sweat_smile: Thanks for P/T well-wish, too!


tenured librarian by day, vigilante hacker by night :joy:

Angela, these racist attacks that you endured are horrible and terrifying, and no doubt traumatizing. And it really underscores how much is possible when you are the target of a motivated attacker.

I’m guessing that the camera you purchased had a default admin password (something like, username: admin, password: admin), which is how these men were able to gain super user (sudo) access. As the super user, they were able to make any changes they wanted.

If you want, I’d be happy to take a look at the files and see what I can parse from them. I’ve been a Linux user for a decade and have some basic bash and command line skills. Also, I really recommend Julia Evans zines for getting a 101 level understanding of all this stuff:

In the meantime, I hope you are able to focus on the important work of your promotion/tenure, and I will be rooting for you!

Thanks for sharing this terrible story with us and hopefully parts of this crash course will be able to help you work through what happened. :heart:

I hope you are able to focus on

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Thanks, Alison. Camera was a Yi 87003. I did so many things wrong to leave myself vulnerable that I’m ALMOST ashamed to admit them. I do think, however, that being transparent with my story may help someone in the future NOT be as slow-witted. These courses from LFP are great for helping ppl have some protection in place to avoid the shock of attacks! Also…knowing what COULD happen and how to defend your privacy may prevent the immediate drop in IQ I suffered due to fear. There were so many things that I simply could not THINK to do that should have come easily for me. Now though…I’d happily paint myself the lame and admit my mistakes just so no other person as to go through something like that.

Angela YOU were the victim here!!! It’s not about things you did wrong, and none of it was your fault. Sure, now you know the ways that you were vulnerable to these attacks and if you had that information sooner, that might have been some protection for you. But you aren’t slow-witted! And of course your brain wasn’t working the same when this was happening to you, you were in a crisis situation!


Just came across this article about doxxing and JK Rowling, and wanted to share it with everyone. It was a fascinating read, especially because of what we learned in Week 6