CC.3 Cybersecurity and public computer environments

What’s your relationship like with your IT?

Do they understand or share the library’s values? What does the IT staff value? What security issues do they care about?

Where could you find common cause? How could you help them understand privacy issues?

Since we shifted to remote work two years ago, my university rapidly upgraded the computer network to adapt to the changes. Support services in generally streamlined and better functioning. But the system is working under a big campus bureaucracy, and I feel we have less understanding of the implications of what’s happening.

My IT is the Assistant Director and one other person. They’ve worked in libraries for years, so I feel like they have good library-centric values. Of course, my system only has one degreed librarian–the Director. So there are some things that other staff are less cognizant of, through no fault of their own. We are a very small system with a very small budget… and we’re in a fairly conservative area. So I’m really impressed with how well everyone seems to be taking the changes I’m implementing. I do think being in a conservative area can help since no one thinks the government should be watching them–particularly with a Dem Administration. So I’m hopeful that we can make some real progress. I’ll also focus on identity theft and the importance of protecting people’s information for those purposes. fingers crossed