CC.4: Repro and health privacy

Discuss the threat models presented this week. How might we serve the needs of people in these situations? What issues or challenges arise in meeting these needs? What strategies for addressing reproductive and/or health privacy resonate with you?

I think one big way that we can serve people with these threat models is to ensure that our privacy policies are up to date and thinking about ways in which libraries can be adversaries to our patrons. We need to be thinking through the ways in which we may be unintentionally undermining user’s attempts to remain anonymous. This includes making sure computers are wiped more frequently, ensuring cameras aren’t pointed towards computers, addressing security cam footage retention. Again, I think the biggest barrier to ensuring patron anonymity is coworker buy-in and logistics. In our meeting today, our tech guy shared that wiping the computers of card and guest pass info is a manual process. Changing that for our library would mean that we’d have to find a new computer reservation management system. To me, I think the biggest thing I can do is to bend the rules as far as possible if need be.

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