CCTV Surveillance in the UK

“Britain is one of the most heavily surveilled nations on earth, with an estimated one surveillance camera per 11 citizens. It has cutting-edge technology for visually identifying criminals, and software so sensitive it can scan an airport for a tattoo or a pinkie ring.” …

“It’s almost impossible in this country to hide, almost impossible,” said John Bayliss, who retired from the Government Communications Headquarters, Britain’s electronic intelligence agency, in 2010. “And with the new software they have, you can tell the person by the way they walk, or a ring they wear, or a watch they wear. It becomes even harder.”

From Mountain of CCTV Footage, Pay Dirt: 2 Arrests in Spy Poisoning

it’s so true, if you go to the UK the CCTV is unbelievable, especially since they have all those older enormous cameras from the 90s. in the tube in London, some of the cameras seem to be positioned just to face each other. totally absurd.

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Whenever I watch a BBC show I’m always struck by how many camera there are. That’s the extent of my UK experience with CCTV. =)