CFP: Self-Quantification with Activity Tracking Technologies:

FYI — Call for Papers

Self-Quantification with Activity Tracking Technologies: Opportunities and Threats

54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences

January 5-8, 2021, Kauai, Hawaii, USA

The increasingly ubiquitous activity tracking technology, including activity trackers and mobile health applications, enables users to quantify and monitor their daily behavior (especially the physical activities, but also general behavioral patterns like sleep, or food intake). Researchers of different fields (computer science, information science, system sciences, engineering, medicine, and social sciences) have investigated different aspects of activity tracking technology, such as the acceptance or discontinuation of using activity trackers, the measurement accuracy of different activity trackers or the impact of the technology on the behavior of its users (substantiated with various theories, e.g., from behavioral sciences on motivation).

Still, it has not been sufficiently studied how people perceive, interact and make use of the manifold information offered by their activity tracking technologies. Therefore, many critical questions need to be addressed in order to evaluate the usefulness and the impact of activity trackers on the users’ health and fitness behavior as well as on their health information behavior.

Potential submissions for this minitrack can address the following research topics:

· health information behavior (e.g., autonomous using, reflecting, integrating, ignoring, and learning through provided health information),

· reasons for adaption or discontinuance of using activity tracking technologies,

· threats of self-quantification with activity tracking technologies (e.g., psychological pressure, dependence, disturbed self-image, data privacy concerns, surveillance, mental and physical overload),

· the rising opportunities due to this technology (e.g., improvement of health, well-being and overall fitness, long-term changes and improvement of lifestyle, enhancement of self-control, support and motivation through community, making fitness and health enjoyable through gamification).

Import Deadlines:

· Paper Submission Deadline June 15, 2020 (11:59 PM; HST)

· Notification of Acceptance/Rejection August 17, 2020 (11:59 PM HST)

More Information:

· Website:

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If you have any questions (related to the scope or the submission itself), do not hesitate to contact the Minitrack Chairs.

Minitrack Chairs:

Aylin Ilhan

Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

Kaja J. Fietkiewicz Düsseldorf
Heinrich Heine University

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