Changing the curriculum to address privacy and the current crisis

As I said on this week’s call, I’m working to update the curriculum plans to address the emergent privacy issues related to the current crisis. I am struggling to figure out how this will all look, because i have no idea when libraries will even reopen, let alone what they will look like when they do. For this reason, it seems less important to have topics addressing public programming, and more important to have topics addressing the following emergent issues:

  • Privacy and online learning environments
  • New surveillance threats from proposed laws or practices resulting in suspension of privacy and free speech rights
  • The emergent organizing needs of what is likely to become the largest class of unemployed/marginally employed/sick people that this country has ever seen

So far, I have rearranged the schedule so that new privacy concerns will come next in the schedule, and more of the stuff we were planning to cover will come later (and be subject to change!).

As I noted over email last week, we will still be using a few hours of planned weekend time to cover a few of the topics I’d arranged for us to do in person and that schedule is mostly ready here:

We’ll also have a lecture the Monday after the weekend, which I’d originally reserved for travel, so we can make up some of the time. It’s okay if you can’t make some of these - it’s likely that we will be recording them all.

You can see what I’ve done so far to the schedule overview: I have a call today with some folks from EFF to get them represented on here.

Let me know if there are specific speakers or topics you want to get on here.


Hi alison hi cohort 3 - thanks for this. i have been asked to repeat a ‘surveillance in the community’ conversation i led a few weeks for staff, and the ‘new threats’ topic is essential. looking forward to the recording…

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