Chrome forced sign-in

Heads up for anyone who uses Chrome, especially on a shared computer:

This is going to cause some issues in my office, where most people use Chrome and occasionally log in to (and forget to log out of) their gmail accounts. But I’m hoping it will be a reason to push IT to let us download Firefox (or, at a stretch, Tor)! Currently it’s Chrome or IE.

I’m assuming Deep Freeze on the public computers will make this a non-issue there, but if that’s not accurate it’s going to be a mess.


In my experience, Firefox can be downloaded and installed without Windows Active Directory permissions. When it asks for your credentials just click no or cancel, and it will keep installing and just work. So many people did this at my work that they rolled an approved version of FF but with private browsing and the ability to install add-ons disabled.

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So glad you linked Matthew Green’s post @sjbrown. For those who don’t know of him, he teaches cryptography at Johns Hopkins. I thought his post was excellent. This is about more than just Chrome, it’s about how Google is trying to create an environment where we’re increasingly dependent on them, where the internet is JUST GOOGLE THINGS. And also it has major implications for consent and privacy, as Matthew outlines.

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