code4Lib pre-conference, March 8, 2020

I was thinking of putting together a pre-conference application for the next code4Lib conference in 2020, held in Pittsburgh, PA. I imagine it would be a focus/introduction to library privacy tech tools and focus on using a Raspberry Pi as a adblocker (Pihole), Tor relay, and maybe a VPN. I’m not sure, but it would be one half overview of libraries and privacy and one half hands-on coding. If anyone would like to collaborate, please let me know.

We are now accepting pre-conference proposals for the 2020 Code4Lib conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These pre-conferences can either be a 1-day (six hour) or a 1/2-day session (three hour) and will occur on Sunday, March 8, 2020. Code4Lib 2020 is a loosely-structured conference that provides people working at the intersection of libraries/archives/museums/cultural heritage and technology with a chance to share ideas, be inspired, and forge collaborations. For more information about the Code4Lib community, please visit

The pre-conference sessions give folks a space to share and build knowledge, as well as to teach attendees new skills relevant to library technology. Pre-conference sessions can range from workshops to working sessions. We welcome a variety of ideas and encourage submissions from first-time presenters and members of groups not well-represented within the Code4Lib community, including but not limited to: women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBT+. To propose a session, please go to

If you’re looking for inspiration, there are many great examples of pre-conferences from last year. To view these, visit We are taking proposals until Friday, October 4, 2019, 5 pm PST / 8 pm EST. After a period of public voting on workshops, we hope to confirm sessions with the facilitators shortly after.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email the Pre-conference Committee chair, Jason Glenn.

Posted by Kathleen Haley on behalf of Jason Glenn and the Code4Lib 2020 Pre-conference Committee

Jason Glenn Principal Systems Analyst Carnegie Mellon University Libraries 4909 Frew St. Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Kathleen Haley Information Systems Librarian American Antiquarian Society 185 Salisbury St. Worcester, MA 01609


Hey! I would love to collaborate!


In all likelihood, I will be at Code4Lib. The projects you mention are a click or two beyond beyond what I am comfortable teaching, but I have hosted a tor relay for a year or two.

I am interested in collaborating.


Great! The deadline is 10/4. I’ll create a shared doc in the next few days.

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I started a draft here:

Feel free to make any amendments or changes that you see fit.

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i’ve been wanting to go to code4lib for a while now. definitely interested in collaborating with you junior

oops, and @distanttaxa @librarianbryan!


Just wanted to touch base on this. The deadline for proposals is a week from tomorrow.

I feel comfortable with @librarianbryan 's version. I also suggest adding our titles and institutions.

My goodness I’m so behind. I’m trying to get there myself. I’m so late but I’m willing to be involved however possible!!!

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Great! If you want to read over our proposal and give us some suggestions, our link to the Google Doc is earlier in the thread.

The due date for the proposal today. Just wondering if it’s good to go?

Voting for pre-conference sessions has opened:

I just received an email from code4Lib and I’m happy to report that our pre-conference proposal has been accepted.


LFP takeover at Code4Lib!