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Since my workplace will be in the news shortly, due to the first week of opening recording 3 COVID-19 infected students, which the number by Tuesday (today) is 15 students with classes not yet starting.

I’ve warned friends, colleagues, and family to not become an experiment. In this vane, I present to you…

Contract Tracing Training course certificate

Listed as a part of the course offering :heart_decoration:

  • Ethics/privacy considerations for contact tracing
  • Health equity and vulnerable populations
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Risk communication
  • Developing rapport and trust during interviews

Sigh, what a way to gain community trust…following the money.


Thanks for this! I just passed this along to Philly OHR and Free Library of Philadelphia HR.

Thanks for sharing.

I am hopeful that Temple doesn’t get the North Philly community infected, but thus far it seems mostly on-campus.

Current no.


3 on Aug 3
15 on Aug 25
25 as of Aug 27


this is horrifying

UCONN is seeing something similar. I think they are up to around 52 people on the Storrs campus have tested positive and 5 have recovered. Most of the infections are connected with a few players on the football team.

It’s almost like there is a global pandemic still going on!

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Yes, these “leaders” are not doing a good job of leading.


Current count

As of Aug 28 is 58
As of Aug 30 is 103

Apparently the institution is not yet horrified enough. I stopped checking the nos. but on Friday during orientation some faculty were giving different numbers.

I guess because, thus far, it’s only students affected and there’s no evidence of community spread…admin seem to be okay with it.

Note: classes have not even started yet.

The Provost in a meeting said, “there is no magic number.” Today the President suspended in class face-to-face meetings until Sept. 11.

The magic number was over 100 cases @alison. As @shelley has said, oof! :disappointed:

That is some impressive mental gymnastics to not count student infections as evidence of community spread.

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