Detecting Photoshopped Images

Here’s a cool article about detecting photoshopped images:

I wonder what ramifications with things like deepfakes and facial recognition software.


This is cool! And great to see a tech company like Adobe taking action / working with researchers to solve a problem created by their products!!

I show that Jordan Peele / Obama deepfake in a staff training on fake news as a way to introduce our media literacy hellscape. It’s a great conversation starter on how we as consumers to be hyper-aware in fact-checking stuff we see online, but there’s only so much onus that can be placed on the end user. Friction, again! I would love to see social media companies integrating tools like this into their platforms that could automatically detect and warn users that they are about to share an edited image or video.

Amazing & mind-boggling!

On the one hand, we have all of these tools that have been made and designed to help us manipulate our perspective and understanding; then, on the other hand, now there is development of this tool which reveals all of these manipulations.