digital security + intimate partner violence/stalking

hey y’all -

i just found this really great resource about assisting survivors of domestic/intimate partner violence w/ digital security. again, “clinical computer security” isn’t the most appealing or welcoming language — but i think these researchers/practitioners approaches and solutions are eye-opening, even if they aren’t services that a library can legally or safely offer in the immediate future.

there is a video and a paper! lots of terrifying information about the types of spyware out there. also, some good insight into how one could detect through what means they are being harassed/abused digitally. also some information about how to navigate stalking that could happen via facebook specifically.

this resource is also NYC specific, but their techniques and insights could be applicable in any state.


Wow this is so great. I am basically doing this exact thing – my library has allowed me to partner with the local DV shelter where I was already a trained advocate to meet with clients and audit their devices for stalkerware – but I have been manually doing what these people’s software does. I was looking into trying to examining outgoing network traffic for these services but this might be a better solution. Thanks Michelle!


@wmarvell aahh i was going to tag you in this post! i thought of you while reading/listening to this study. :_)

i’m pretty sure the group posted their code on a github somewhere! i hope that you can access it and use it, it seems like it would be way easier to audit multiple devices w/ what they created!! also amazing how they tested their tool w/ multiple types of spyware to make sure that those programs wouldn’t recognize or log USB activity

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Yeah! I found it and pulled it. Ganna work on a staff training with it so that maybe the shelter staff could feel more comfortable doing this process themselves. Thanks again!