DNA Databases

Creation of DNA databases that do not involve consent

N.Y.P.D. Detectives Gave a Boy, 12, a Soda. He Landed in a DNA Database.

The city has 82,473 people in its database. Many of them have no idea their genetic information is there.

seriously some dystopian nightmare when they’re giving beverages to children in order to capture their genetic material

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I remember we had a school visit to a police station when I was in elementary school and they had us all finger print ourselves since it was ‘fun’, then they locked us in cell so we could see what it was like.

I still seethe about it.

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That’s horrifying. I had to get fingerprinted for my first teaching license, and I did not find that experience fun at all.

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I had to be fingerprinted to lifeguard at the high school. It was terrifying, at the station they only knew how to treat people like criminals.