Does anyone want to write something for Choose Privacy Week?

Erin Berman just reached out to me about this. They’re looking for essays around 1000 words about privacy subjects for Choose Privacy Week. We could possibly work on something collectively, or if people want to write something individually I can put you in touch.

I’m thinking about ideas on what to write about and what would be most impactful. I think that there’s still a lot to be said about how our personal data is being used against us to help reshape the geopolitics of the world.

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That’s in May, right? I’d be game to collaborate on something.

yeah @kellymce I think we’d write it up in advance of that.

anyone else interested? and have thoughts about what to write about?

I would love to write about corporate power on the internet, about how privacy and disinfo/fake news are connected, and what libraries responses actually could be (not debunking, which is what the focus tends to be, but countering with positive social messages that address people’s material conditions – I have more thoughts about this obviously)

Hey there. Sure, I’d be up for it as well.

I was at a conference on Friday at which the keynote speaker was talking about how Millennials care less about privacy so our privacy policies should change to keep up with the times (this was a meeting primarily of archivists). There was a lot of muttering in the room–for one thing, he seemed to be conflating Millennial with teenager, for another he seemed to be unaware that a lot of the audience member were Millennials. Someone finally got up and pushed back on that–that just because younger generations live more of their lives online it doesn’t mean they don’t care about how they data is used and that it’s also in tech companies’ interest to promote the idea that wholesale data harvesting is a fait accompli.

I feel like maybe there’s something in there that could be worked in to an essay.


yeah I wish someone would write this essay! also, as a millennial, I find it helpful when people are talking (disparagingly) about millennials to replace the word “millennial” with “adults under 40” and see if what they’re saying still makes any sense (usually it doesn’t).

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I’m interesting in writing more about the intersection of free software, privacy and libraries, but if y’all got a thing going, go for it.


yo we should do all of these things

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