Drift Chatbot

Hi Everyone!
I wanted to throw out a question to the group to see if anyone had heard anything about or had experience with the Drift chat bot. A friend of mine has noticed that he’s gotten this chat bot pop up on a few sites. What’s weird/concerning is that it has his name attached to it–the name he uses for professional purposes which is slightly different from his full name. He’s thinks it seems to be attached to his home IP address which changes now and then, but the app is still following him on a number of sites. My friend is fairly privacy savvy (much more than me)–uses Brave, isn’t on Facebook/Instagram, etc. So it’d be interesting to learn what possibly new tracking tool sites may be using.

I have never heard of this thing! I looked it up and I don’t see much about what this could mean. Can your friend screenshot what it says (excluding his name)? Where does the chatbot show up?