Ex Libris Alma

I’m in the process of revitalizing the Privacy Roundtable of the Library Association of CUNY. One of the things I’d like to discuss with other CUNY librarians is our upcoming ILS migration. The university is poised on migrating to Ex Libris Alma and was curious about any potential privacy concerns that folks may be aware of it?

hmmm you might be able to start by looking at the business/company itself (so Proquest owns ex libris) & if there is any type of obvious public partnerships between proquest and IDK the fed government or other private companies. attempting to identify data flows from these private companies that collect data about library users is rly difficult, but worthy of trying. i can send you snippets of my LIS thesis about proquests’ privacy policy - though it became pretty theoretical (due to discourse analysis & lack of time to dig into proquest’s side businesses/ ways they may be profiting off of selling/trading user data)

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Sure! Feel free to email me the snippets.