Facebook is testing a facial recognition tool to verify your identity

No thanks. Yet another reason not to use FB.

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Let’s see who else recognizes that face recognition software could be possibly dangerous for Black people, the indigenous, & people of color (BPOC) :tada: :tada:

via TechCrunch IBM ends all facial recognition work… LINK

there’s so much happening around facial recognition right now…basically, an escalation on all sides, from corporate software makers to law enforcement to activists and civil liberties orgs working on bans. in this cohort, we will hear from Kade Crockford at the ACLU about efforts around the country to ban the technology, and we’ll also talk to Varoon Mathur at AI Now Institute to understand a little more about how facial recognition software works.


I’ll admit, I do find it ironic that the we’ve seen a lot of the big facial recognition projects being temporarily suspended, right at the time that we all should be wearing masks for the health of everyone.
Amazon just announced that it’s going to suspend police use of its controversial facial-recognition technology for one year
Big tech companies back away from selling facial recognition to police. That’s progress