Facial recognition action ideas and planning

I will reach out to ALLA (Alabama Library Association) to see if anyone is interested. We have some members who are particularly interested in privacy.


I’m Bryan!

I am a systems librarian at Nashville Public Library and a member of Tennessee Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee. I can lean on TLA but in the past we have been reluctant to take policy positions on any issue that does not directly relate to libraries. Regardless, I am willing to fight the good fight. I know when I gave a “privacy matters, duh”-type talk at conference this year the parts about facial recognition got folks excited. I will keep you posted.


The chair of the ALLA Intellectual Freedom Committee, Melanie Carden, has agreed to participate in the Twitter chat if she is available at that time and would generally be interested in helping us spread the word.

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I just spoke with the ACLU of New Jersey and we’re going to start trying to put something together beyond just a statement from NJLA. I doubt they’ll get on board for the twitter thing (I’ll be there though), but I think this angle, after the success of MLA will be another tactic we can take.


Do we have a date/time in mind (tried to find it in the thread)?

I’m definitely down to help if I can. As far as I can tell, Texas isn’t doing anything regarding legislation or TLA policies, not even on their radar according to their websites. I’m going to reach out to my TLA president today about this issue.

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@apuglisi now that you’re back, wanna pick a date?

and then as another next step, we can create a doc with a list of everyone who is talking to their respective library orgs about this and whether they’re committed to doing this chat

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Hi Josh! Awesome!! It’s okay if the association isn’t regularly active on Twitter so much as if it will be :wink: during the chat! It’s a great way to connect an emerging topic with your association’s membership & I think that if State and/or Regional associations from across the US participate, it will have a stronger impact. Thanks for seeing if they will be a part!

Hi @alison @Steph @_TJ @Ajb @librarianbryan @josh @Maty_C @CarolynGlauda @Julia

Date for the chat? We haven’t decided yet – how is August looking for everyone? The only week in August that will not work for me is August 11 - August 18. What is everyone else thinking? Part of this is to raise awareness: so the timing of the actual event is also important. I’m on the East Coast but I can stay up late! :slight_smile: – are we looking to have an evening conversation? Afternoon?

Alison asked that we get a list going about participants: I’ve started a RiseUp Pad, is everyone able to add to it so that way it helps organize this?: https://pad.riseup.net/p/CBup6EnOhqXQmU_VaHMQ-keep

On a related note, I shared that I was going to be talking about Comms work with Emily Wagner (Assistant Director Comms/Knowledge Management from ALA-DC’s Public Policy & Advocacy Office) and I would work in some Library Freedom questions about how to get ALA to adopt a position on this topic. The advice shared can be summed up as: Frame the issue and what you want us to do with it; how you want the conversation to be advanced; look at past resolutions & ALA’s track record on these topics [http://www.ala.org/aboutala/selection-resolutions-adopted-ala-council] that you can cite/point to; and that traditionally, ALA has treated Privacy as a human right and that is a very compelling argument for them. She also said that sharing examples of how this is affecting/impacting communities and/or being able to point to librar* and/or like organizations for additional support is key. As our conversation needed to end (she had another call scheduled to take), she said that we can talk more again – that the door is open, so I will follow up once we are more organized on our end. I did thank her for her time via email and asked her about the possibility of ALA Library participating in this Twitter eEvent and I’ll keep everyone apprised.

Also – Hootsuite is the better of tools for our purposes – it will allow us to schedule 30 tweets using the free account versus Buffer which has 10 tweets. I also think an event followed by sustained internet activity is key, so LFI likely will want to consider robo twitter’ing if we are going to build and maintain a coalition.


@ktrinh-sy @wmarvell I’m tagging you both because I couldn’t tag you in the response above (10 user name tag per post)

This is only my experience and not based on anything other than what I have participated in, but tweet chats that I have participated in have typically been evenings (8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific) mid-week like Wednesday or Thursday. Most of those have been writing and publishing chats though. When is library twitter most active?

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My observation is generally the same! :smiley:

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About the twitter chat: I’ll be free most evenings in Aug except 1st-4th. I doubt if TLA would actively participate as their institutional account is only used intermittently, but I think I could get them to signal boost. I could also rope in ACLU-TN.

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I’m moving the week of August 5-9 so I’d prefer not to do it then, but if that’s the only time frame that works for everyone, I’ll make it work somehow.

@apuglisi thanks for speaking with Emily! Great advice; I’m excited to see what’ll come of this. I’ve never been involved in a Twitter chat before so this’ll be …fun? :smiley:

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Sorry for the late reply! I am going to check with my super to see if I can participate in this using our library teen central twitter account. If I can’t, I’d be happy to some offline stuff, creates images or whatevs if you need. Thanks…

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August is good here. I think we should choose a time that’s convenient for west and east coasts. Evening convos seem best. So maybe something like 5 Pacific, 8 Eastern?

I will get you the login for @libraryfreedom before this. Also I think Hootsuite allows multiple people to be logged in to the same account at once right? That would be useful to help manage the workload.

I can commit to doing some promo on the @libraryfreedom account before this. I can ask some of my high profile followers to signal boost it too (Cory Doctorow owes me some tweets!!!).

What other tasks need doing? I know we need to get the questions nailed down.


I’m willing to help however I can. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but if we get a set time I can make sure I’m free. Keep me posted and I’ll do what I can!

@Steph @_TJ @Ajb @librarianbryan @josh @Maty_C @CarolynGlauda @Julia

Hi Allison & all, duties that remain include:

  1. Deciding on our questions!

  2. Official branded LFI Images that have the Twitter Questions on them; Twitter chat hashtag on images; hosted by @libraryfreedom & any affiliates on images

  3. Twitter Chat hashtag – What is it? (ex: #BanFacialRecognition?)

  4. What is our CTA (Call to Action)?

We want people to do something with this info: is it contact Senators, Library Powers, etc? Create a list that we can host on web site that people can click to from chat & pin to the top of Twitter (website page link ideas: Call your senator! (provide link to website: contact info) – Contact ALA (provide link to website: contact info))

Does someone want to create a generic email template that LFI can provide to people who are looking to do “fast advocacy” and will be included on our CTA page? This should help make it easy for people to copy/paste/modify and send.

  1. In the outline/draft I wrote, in the Twitter Chat Welcome section I reference a “Contact us”; destination, do we have one? Want one?

FYI: "Alison asked that we get a list going about participants: I’ve started a RiseUp Pad, is everyone able to add to it so that way it helps organize this?: https://pad.riseup.net/p/CBup6EnOhqXQmU_VaHMQ-keep "


See above!

Hi Andrea - I posted some potential “Call to Action” tweets in the riseup pad. I included links to find rep/sen and some other stuff. https://pad.riseup.net/p/CBup6EnOhqXQmU_VaHMQ-keep

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