Facial Recognition At Airports

Here’s an article from Wired about opting out of facial recognition software when flying:

" my recent experience suggests they are incentivizing travelers to have their faces scanned—and disincentivizing them to sidestep the tech—by not clearly communicating alternative options. Last year, a Delta customer service representative reported that only 2 percent of customers opt out of facial-recognition. It’s easy to see why."


I just read that and came over here to confirm my suspicions that I wasn’t the only one!

Am already making plans to take the train if I go to ALA in Chicago next year…


and not surprisingly travelers will be inconvenienced/punished if they do opt out …

I have not yet encountered this, but i’ve only flown domestically. Delta is huge here in Atlanta, so it’s probably just a matter of time before this is standard. It’s good to know the options/

I’ve got dyed hair so I get my special screening every time I walk through security. Which is mainly why I’m at the airport super early. The more people that opt-out the better chance we have of breaking the chain. We should do everything we can to make the TSA’s job harder. The security theater is a waste of time and money. Plus, it’s super easy to sneak things through security.

When I flew to Chicago last fall for a library event, I took my work bag as a carry-on, not realizing I had left my Exacto knife in it. O’Hare Security caught it on my flight home – Hartsfield-Jackson missed it completely. It really made me think about what else the security screenings are missing.

Older article, but still relevant:

Reminds me of one of the best talks I’ve ever seen at CCC (huge hacking conference in Germany every year): Security analysis of a full body x-ray scanner