Facial Recognition Ban in NJ

So, I just got this email from my NJLA public policy committee about talking about introducing/backing facial recognition bans:

TJ has brought this to my attention. I will add to the PP agenda for this Friday, referring to IF for now. He is willing to come speak if needed. Please take a look at the NJ bills and the Massachusetts Library Assoc. endorsement of bills in their state.

So any input would be greatly appreciated, I’m not sure when this will come up, but I want to be there and be fully prepared. Hopefully we can follow in MLAs footsteps.

Here are the two bills I found on the leg site:


Thanks y’all!


This is AWESOME!

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yesss @_TJ let’s talk about this on our 1:1 today cause typing is still too hard for me

So I have two big pieces of this coming up. I’m meeting with my state library associations intellectual freedom committee on Friday about this topic (I used to chair it, so I’m pretty comfy there) but I’m wondering for anyone else who’s already gone forward with this knows of any likely questions I may get.

Secondly, I have a call with the police chief of my town to discuss this topic and this is the one I’m most nervous about. I want to be clear and poignant but not come off too…myself. If anyone has any ideas on how this might go as perfectly as possible please please please let me know. The call isn’t scheduled yet, so I have time to prepare. My biggest issue is there is no collective locally to me that I’m aware of that can back me up, so I feel like I’m flying solo (with the exception of all you wonderful people).

Thanks in advance for any info you may have!

@_TJ You may not have time to completely powermap this, but do you know anyone who knows the police chief? Is your library a municipal library where the library director may sometimes be meeting with the police chief? What is your goal for this conversation with her/him/them? Just information gathering about their current/future interest in facial recognition? To express concern? To get support for the bills you have linked?

Sorry, I know those are only questions and not any actually help.

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Unfortunately, i don’t know anyone close to the chief, I’m relatively new to the area so I haven’t built those connections, though I do know a lot of people at that local library. Those I did get this as a response to one of my inquiries.

“At this time, we have not implemented any use of facial recognition and have no timeline of future use.”

So at least I’m ahead of the game, and can work with that to uphold a moratorium on the topic.

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This was the response I got from my local police department.
‘At this time, we have not implemented any use of facial recognition and have no timeline of future use.’

Good start, but I’m going to try to push it forward and make it a ban rather than a ‘we’ll see’.

@_TJ maybe Mike German has something useful to say about this? (he’s the former FBI agent I mentioned who know campaigns against the use of surveillance technologies that violate our rights). here are a couple of links:



Thanks, I brought the idea to NJLA’s IFC group last Friday and it was received really well, it’s going to move onto your public policy group and then the executive board.

But getting in touch with Mike seems like a great idea.

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let me ask Kade about making a direct connection. I was initially only thinking about using some of his talking points, but talking to him directly would be amazing.

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@_TJ Kade says to email them about this. They can help you directly. kcrockford@aclum.org

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I emailed Kade for a bit of information. NJ is putting together a task force to evaluate facial recognition tech and I’m working to try to get on it. Hopefully that all works out!

I appreciate everyone’s time and support on this project!

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