Final Assignments

Hi All,
Kind of curious what types of things people are planning for their final assignments. I equally love brainstorming, quackery, half-formed ideas, and vague dreams for a better tomorrow! Maybe we’ll spark some brilliant ideas on this board? Or at least solid ones.

thanks for getting the conversation started @Sarah_in_Oregon. I would love to brainstorm about ideas!!!

Hey @Sarah_in_Oregon . Good idea! So, I’m working on a train-the-trainer program for mostly South Florida area librarians based on what we’ve learned in LFI. I just put out a call to our members yesterday to join our Learning Cluster (not my choice of terms) and have scheduled our first meeting/webinar on passwords and passphrases for October. So, I guess that’s my final project idea: a series of programs aimed at librarians. I’m still working on the other topics to cover, and would love to brainstorm with anyone that would want to participate.


hi all! just checking in to see if people are having any other thoughts about final projects. I am also happy to meet one-on-one and talk through your ideas.