Final presentations! please read!

Wow it’s unbelievable that this week is our last lecture week! I’m excited to close things out with a talk from Myrna Morales, who is writing her dissertation on libraries and our ethical commitments. I think it’s essential to end this course by bringing it back to our values, which is what this whole thing has been about anyway!

So then after this week we’ll have one week off for Thanksgiving, and then our final presentations will happen on November 28th at 8:30 Pacific/11:30 Eastern on Zoom. You will each have a maximum of four minutes to present (but you should aim for a bit less than that…I will keep time) and you can share your screen to show slides or whatever else you want. Here’s the order that we’ll go in:

  1. @tesskwilson
  2. @clobdell
  3. @langur
  4. @lucedeira
  5. @librarianbryan
  6. @mtkinney
  7. @josh
  8. @Rebekah
  9. @AllyM
  10. @sjbrown
  11. @Sarah_in_Oregon
  12. @greK
  13. @kellymce

And then I will say a few closing things with whatever time we have left.

It’s bittersweet to end this course! But I’m so proud of the work we’ve done together! And I can’t wait to see your final presentations.