Final weeks of the curriculum: what's missing?

Hi all,

I’m beginning to check in with our lecturers for the last set of LFI weeks (wow omg). Before I do that, I’m wondering if you all are thinking about any topics that we haven’t covered that you’d wished we had. Here are our upcoming weeks just so you’re aware:

Week 16, September 19: Third party analytics and tracking: the technical side (with Eric Hellman of the Free Ebook Foundation)
Week 17: Mobile devices and messaging (with Harlo Holmes of the Freedom of the Press Foundation)
Week 18: Off week while Alison is at Tor Meeting; time for working on final assignments
Week 19: Doxing and online harassment (with Caroline Sinders, machine learning designer and artist)
Week 20: Data security for researchers and reporters (with Micah Lee of The Intercept)

The weeks after week 20 are the ones where we have some more flexibility and could fit in a new topic or rearrange things:

Week 21: The Internet of Things (with Matthew Garrett, technologist, programmer, and free software advocate)
Week 22: Around the internet freedom world (with Georgia Young of the Free Software Foundation)
Week 23: Metadata resistance (with Sarah Jamie Lewis, anonymity and privacy researcher)
Week 24: Currently it’s “library privacy success stories” but I think I am going to change it to have Myrna Morales, a librarian and activist at Community Change Inc in Boston, join us to talk about her phd research which is about the history of privacy and surveillance in libraries
Week 25: Off week for Thanksgiving, more work on final projects
Week 26: Final week, when you will each present for about 4 minutes on your final projects. :slight_smile:

Let me know if there are any topics you want to see in there, or any people from the privacy world that you’d love to hear from.

Alison - this looks amazing! I’m excited for the rest of the lectures.

This all looks so good!! For week 24 I’d love to hear about that research.