Gen Z kids are the stars of their parents’ social media — and they have

Interesting article with which we can interrogate the idea of a consensual and curated ‘digital self-image’ (here, young folx) as opposed to the coerced ‘data double’ from the first weeks’ readings.

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Darn you Washington Post Paywall! Is there a way to read this article without giving Jeff Bezos money and still supporting sustainable journalism?

Posting pictures of kids is so tempting, it’s such an easy way to get a huge hit of dopamine via a ton of likes. You’re all going to have to take my word for the fact that I have created two photogenic tiny humans who do and say adorable things. They will probably grow up to be mad at me about a lot of things, but the sharing of their personal information is not one of them.

Does your library have access to Press Reader?

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Here is a 60-day pad with all the text:


I’m at a system, so we don’t have any library resources! I wonder if I could access it through my public library…

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I can through the Gale database!
Gibson, Caitlin. “Gen Z kids are the stars of their parents’ social media - and they have opinions about that.” Washington Post , 3 June 2019. Infotrac Newsstand , Accessed 4 June 2019.

Not all data-doubling is coerced, curated images are smoothed spaces as well. We do a lot of work for big tech trends by curating our information for them. I have plenty of friends who refuse to post images of their children online and have blackballed family members who went against their wishes (not like they couldn’t see the images, but they were not longer getting emails with image updates since they couldn’t be trusted).

(also, minors can’t consent, so the whole thing is pretty scummy. I hate it when people reach children as property).

Yeah I think ‘assent’ would have been a better word than ‘consent’ here, it was used in one of the quotes from a young person in the article.
I ask people not to post pictures of me on the internet (esp. where tagging occurs) because then I have no control over who from my past knows my current status. Everyone complies but some don’t understand my reasoning when I say it’s not their decision.

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Ah, pics of kids on the internet. I try to go easy on people about this, because it’s a sensitive subject. But personally, I am so glad that social media didn’t exist when I was a kid, because I would not feel comfortable having those photos online forever. I still don’t like having my picture posted on Facebook, but I can’t get my one sister to stop. One of my main worries besides the consent issues is how well we’re training those facial recognition algorithms to understand how faces change over time.

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