Glass Room at ALA

Heya everyone, I’ve been given a booth at ALA this year to show off the Glass Room Experience we’ve rolled out in libraries and other institutions across North America over the past year, which is beyond exciting. What I’m hoping for is that people attending who are apart of this cohort might be interested in helping run the booth. I want to meet each and everyone one of you in person and I’m hoping this might be a good way to help do that!

There is a previous discussion from the first cohort a couple of threads down if you want to read through that, and I’m, of course, more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. You can also get a taste of the installation here:

I figured I’d make this a post rather than clutter up your emails.


Just stopping by to say that folks should definitely get on board with this!

Hey TJ!

I’ve been following this project tacitly from afar for a little while - looks really great/educational. I’ll be at ALA and would like to help out if possible. Given all the other things I’ve been tasked to do that week, I’m guessing I could only commit to a few hours though. If that’s cool I’m totally interested.

Thanks for sharing!

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Glass Room is a really cool, informative exhibit; we set it up in Teen Central here at BPL and it got a great response. Thanks again, TJ.

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I will love to help at the booth. My schedule is pretty full, but I will carve out a couple of hours for sure. -Ashley

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Thanks for the interest! I’m marking your names down as interested. I’m working on my ALA schedule, but I’m hoping to be able to be there for most of the exhibitor hours.

I’ll create a scheduler where we mark times we’re available. Thanks again, I’m super stoked.

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Here’s my Doodle poll for the times the exhibit hall is open:

If anyone is around early Thursday/late Monday or Tuesday that can help set-up/breakdown that would be cool, but getting it covered for the actual open hours are what I’m aiming at.

Pardon me for harping on this, but with about two short weeks to go, and help filling in some spaces would be amazing. I’ve signed myself up for the majority, but if people can take slots I’d love to be able to actually attend sessions once in a while!

I did what I could, but my schedule is really full with meetings mostly. Would you be interested in me sending this out to the Intellectual Freedom Round Table? I am on the board.

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I saw, thank you so much! I really appreciate your time =)

I signed up for 12-2 on Sunday, I’m currently at the Zine Pavilion the rest of my free time, but if we can get more organisers there, I can help more with Glass Room!

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Thank you! =) =)

Thanks all who volunteered!!! I think we have just about every slot covered! But if you’re interested still, there is able space to for you to join us. Having a backup for a backup is never a bad idea =)

Last time I’ll harp on this since ALA is only like…two days away (yikes!) If anyone else could help cover some gaps for the Glass Room booth I’d very much owe you a drink of your choice. Even if you can’t make it, I sure hope to meet each of you face to face. But once again here is the poll. Sorry to be a pest!