Glass Room Experience at your library?

I mentioned this earlier in the year and we’re almost ready to start scheduling libraries for this, so I want to check with all of you and see who is interested in participating.

Here’s more info on the Glass Room Experience:

For a library to host it for a couple of weeks, they’d just need a space (preferably high traffic) to hang a few posters on walls or set them up on tables. It’s completely free and we’d send all the materials to you.

I would LOVE to get each of your libraries involved in this, so please let me know if you’re interested and I can get everything coordinated!

If people are interested do you want to them to go ahead and apply, or do you want to them to get in touch with you?

& the site is a little vague on what it actually is. I have people that will be interested but they are librarians and they will have questions.

sorry to be unclear – just get in touch with me if you wanna do it!

more info on what it is here:

and here:

but it’s basically around 5-10 small poster exhibits covering some aspect of privacy/surveillance in an interactive/artistic way

Yes! Definitely interested in this. Either in my library or our public library (tho I haven’t approached them yet).

thanks for the heads up. I’ll get the conversation started!

Alison, is something I could apply for to set up at our state’s annual conference in the future? I haven’t checked with them, but it seems like a good venue for it.

I’m with you, Bryan. The space we would want to put it in is tight. We would need a list of items with measurements! I can email them and see if they have that info handy!

no need to email them – they are working with LFP in North America on this. I will get the measurements, but if I recall correctly it’s 9x9.

@kellymce, @Sarah_in_Oregon, @AllyM and @librarianbryan, TJ Lamanna is working on this on behalf of LFP, so he will email you soon with more details. Anyone else who is interested in hearing more, please let me know!

@alison, I’m also interested. Not sure if we have space at my branch, but would like to try it here or at another branch and/or the Main. Our Digital Safety Committee meets next Tuesday so I can discuss with them.

awesome, I will tell TJ to get in touch with you too!

I’m interested as well! I can’t talk about it with my director until next week, but if not in the library proper, we may be able to have it in the college’s art gallery.

I’m definitely interested but need to check with my higher-ups - will do tomorrow and report back!

i’m definitely interested in this as well. i have a meeting with my boss today, i’ll talk to her about it. we don’t have a library ourselves (though our offices are in a library), but i’m thinking we could partner with at least 1 library down here to offer this. worst case scenario: we just got our large meeting room/classroom back, we could use that space. is there a deadline?

@clobdell @sjbrown @josh let me know if you want me to put you in touch with TJ for more info. there is no exact deadline, though it is all gonna happen sometime in the fall.

@alison, yes, please put me in touch with TJ. I’ll work on logistics in the meantime.

I have the tentative go-ahead, so yes, please do - thanks!

@alison yes, please put me in touch. Thank you!

First day of school! Checking with our exhibits person now…

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hope you’re loving the new job already!