Higher Education Leadership and Privacy

What Higher Ed Leadership is doing about Privacy

Privacy Perspectives: What are privacy officers talking about when they talk about privacy? And why is it important? Feb 12, 2021 (podcast)

Data Privacy in Higher Education: Yes, Students Care

, Educause Review, Feb 11, 2021

2021 EDUCAUSE Horizon ReportĀ® | Information Security Edition, Educause, Fev 16, 2021

As students and staff moved to learning and working remotely because of COVID-19, privacy implications multiplied. Contact tracing, the increased use of home personal devices, and issues related to the proliferation of videoconferencing have ushered in unprecedented privacy concerns.

The shift to remote learning has generated enormous amounts of data, including data that can be useful to student success initiatives. Analytics and data are also fueling new recruitment and enrollment methods. More data, used more widely, increases privacy risks for current and prospective students.