how does the internet work? slides

hey everyone,

this past weekend i tried my best to lead a session with a local crypto club (CyPurr) about internet infrastructure/ networking. It went okay! I found it to be very difficult to communicate about internet networking to a small-ish audience but we live and learn. We ended up doing a role-play situation about hacking/adversaries and computer security that was really fun. Overall, I think we as a group demystified all of the devices and infrastructure that make the internet work - which is great for like an 1.5 hour session.

Link to slides here:

any feedback on slides is welcome!!! thank you


I love the gifs and the overall design!

I am interested in the responses you got for the interactive questions!

You should show these slides to George!

the gifs are maybe the best part, in my opinion.


  • colonialism + internet infrastructure
  • what companies are currently working with the military
  • data flows between private companies + governments = hard to predict but we should always assume that our data will never stay contained in one company’s servers

that is all i can remember right now. we definitely promoted Tor browser/VPN services during our role play scenario for how to protect your data when someone is trying to do you harm


Yeah those slide are really dope. This is a really fun and cool presentation that I would want to go to.

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TIL that sharks are attacking the internet. Thanks for the knowledge! Great slides also.

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hi hi, thank you. means a lot. was super nervous about it!