ICYMI: Open GLAM grants -- deadline tomorrow 8.3.20

Just in case this is of interest, but slid by for you Open GLAM kids who have shovel-ready projects that just need a lil’ sumthin’-sumthin’, i.e. coins:

Description of Open GLAM

General funding for activities aligned with the Platform

For general projects and activities that align with the platform, fill out the application form here before August 3, 2020 . You can see the questions being asked in the form in this document.

Funds Available

This open call has available a total of USD10,000. Preference will be given to projects that ask less than the total amount (a reasonable amount is between USD2,000-3,000).

There are no strings attached on how the money could be spent, meaning that you can hire professional services or pay for your time to work.


The call will be open to any platform member or any active member of the Open GLAM community.


Activity fund recipients are required to complete a report at the end of the activity. The results from the activities will be shared with all platform members, the CC Global Network, and in wider Creative Commons communications.


Preference will be given to projects that present actionable items and that are global in nature and scope.

The selection committee will analyze the following criteria for granting the awards for the projects:

  • Overall quality of the proposal (level of completion, measurable impact, readability, follow-up plan and sustainability).
  • Alignment of the project being proposed with the objectives and work of the Platform.
  • Diversity and equity considerations (how the project is addressing diversity and equity?)
  • Partnerships and involvement of other actors.
  • Reasonable, well-scoped budget.

I have no further info I just like to see people with cool projects secure the :moneybag:.

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