Jessamyn West's Guide to Patron Privacy


These are great! I taught a one-off privacy & security class this past May and used a lot of her materials. I also borrowed liberally from NYC Digital Safety Training:

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I’ve learned so much from Jessamyn, she’s one of my favorite librarians and she always seems to have her finger on the pulse of what’s most needed.


She has good article in Computers in Libraries and a website with some good information. I can see libraries being involved with local surveillance groups and activities. it is a natural next step to empowerment and education

Jessamyn West’s book Without A Net was super useful for me when starting out doing tech stuff in the library, still refer to it on occasion. Easygoing writing style and tons of supporting anecdotes from a librarian who has been doing this shit forever.


I’m reading it right now and learning SO much! She’s awesome.