LFI.2 lecture recordings thread

I’ll post the weekly lectures here once I upload them to Vimeo.

Here’s Week 1: Introduction to LFI


Week 2: Threat modeling and intro to privacy.

Please note, it looks like something went wrong during the last 15 minutes of the recording. Zoom is still the best of a lot of not-great video conference/recording software!

Week 3: Kade Crockford on facial recognition technology

Week 4: Alison on privacy tools

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Week 6: Varoon Mathur on corporate facial recognition

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Week 7: Tracy Maleeff on cybersecurity

week 8: April Glaser on corporate platforms, free speech, disinfo, policy and more

Week 9: Brian Hofer on influencing local policy


week 12: Erin Berman on vendor agreements

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My library’s new CTO has asked me to help with a Patron Data Privacy Audit - is it cool if I send this to them?

please feel free @Maty_C

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week 13: Dr. Chris Gilliard on digital redlining

week 14: it’s me on intermediate privacy!

week 15: Becky Yoose on the lifecycle of your library’s data (please note that the video seems to have gotten corrupted at the very beginning…skip ahead a few minutes for it to work)

week 16: Alison on “All About Tor”

week 17: Janus Rose on algorithms as ideology

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week 18: Abi Hassen on social media surveillance

week 22: Harlo Holmes on mobile devices

week 23: Abigail Goben on privacy stakeholder dialogues

week 24: Chuck McAndrew on public computing environments