LFI.4 week 12: privacy tools and strategies

Here’s a thread for both week 12 and 13 to discuss our experience with and thoughts about the privacy tools and strategies we’ve been covering in these two weeks.

Does anyone have any opinion on BitWarden compared to any of the other password managers discussed last week?

I use KeePass loaded on a flashdrive that I keep on my person. My paranoid self really likes that it will type in my passwords for me so that any keylogger wouldn’t get my passwords. I do not have experience with BitWarden

I haven’t used BitWarden but most password managers seem about the same, and I recommend searching for them with the words “security audit” to see more. Looks like BitWarden had a security audit from a 3rd party this year, though I haven’t looked into it any more than searching: https://bitwarden.com/blog/post/bitwarden-network-security-assessment-2020/

KeePass for life! I keep my file stashed in my Dropbox so that I can access it on my phone using the KeePass Touch app as well as on my work and personal computer. I have a backup on a flashdrive that I update every few months or so (or whenever I feel like I’ve added a handful of passwords).