LFI.4 week 14: privacy advocacy

This week, we heard from LFP Privacy Advocates Maty Cropley and Symphony Bruce. What did you learn from their work? What can you bring back to your own institutions?

From @SymphonyBruce’s talk I learned the importance of thinking about scale in bureaucratic organizations like colleges and universities and overcoming longstanding barriers in them.

The explanation of her thinking, approach and execution reminded me about the importance of power mapping because I know who, according to the org chart, has power, but there are a lot of hidden pockets of power to tap.

I’m also thinking about Symphony’s and Maty’s work in conjunction with Jane MacAlevey’s book, No ShortCuts, which reminds us that there’s so much untapped power amongst our colleagues, students, patrons that needs to appear in our power mapping.

Both talks helped me see that there are many points of intervention in big orgs.


Really great point about powermapping @thkimbos. Also I love Jane McAlevey!