LFI.4 week 6 discussion: vendors and library privacy policies

Hi all, let’s continue the discussion from our vendor and library in-house privacy policies here. What takeaways do you have from this conversation?

I am thinking about ways to educate patrons about vendor/library in-house privacy policies. We don’t have a class that specifically addresses privacy policies on devices, apps, websites, etc. and we don’t have one that specifically addresses library use and privacy.

I am thinking about how to do this, maybe for my final project. A website that lists main library vendors from around the country, a link to their policies, quotes from the policies about what data they collect, etc.

I think it might upset my library though.

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I don’t remember anyone talking about these 2 sites re privacy policies:

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@Amy I didn’t know about the 2 sites you mentioned. But the one I did know about is https://tosdr.org/

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Amy, I think this is a good idea and you might want to talk to @meganwong or @Jodi.fromAlaska as well, who are both considering vendor privacy related final projects. But why do you think your library would be upset about this?

I might be off base Alison. It is my gut reaction that pointing out ways the library does not prioritize privacy would not be appreciated at my library (we don’t read or address that part of the vendor contracts, I asked).

do you think you can frame it in a positive way, about the library’s values etc? not about how they’re failing, but about how we can always be doing better?

I can certainly try that! But my sense is the library/city is defensive and to them, this would just point to our failings and lead to issues and complaints.