LFI at LibrePlanet 2019, March 23-24, Boston

Is anyone interested in doing this? If so, I am willing to submit the proposal.

One idea: an LFI panel wherein we speak about our privacy outreach and how free software fits into that. We also could speak about the free software we use at our libraries, and how libraries could use free software in the future.

This is somewhat last minute, so if there is low interest, that’s cool. Libraries definitely have a place at LibrePlanet and there will be opportunities in the future. :smile:

yes I’m interested. I’ve spoken at multiple Libreplanets so it would be good to connect LFI to stuff that people there already know about LFP. I think that a 45 minute talk could be structured something like:

intro (5)
background on Library Freedom and some past achievements (5)
what is LFI (5)
what we learned (10)
what we’re doing with that info now (10)
questions (5)