LFI wiki! Check it out

Hey all, I’ve started building a wiki for the resources we’ve created in this class. Check out what I’ve got so far: https://libraryfreedominstitute.wikia.com

I think this is better for organization and editing than the Github (which I only created initially because I thought we’d get around to learning some git). I think it’ll make it easier to see all the great work you’ve created as part of this course, and hopefully it will become a useful resource for other librarians. I’ll eventually link to it from the LFP website.

I’m using this opportunity to develop the FOIA and legislator resources that we started working on the week that Dell from Gizmodo spoke to us. You can see what I’ve begun here: https://libraryfreedominstitute.wikia.com/wiki/MoreResources

Let me know what you think! I will start migrating all of your assignments over to this soon.

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This is great Alison! It will be a helpful resource for planning presentations, too!